Slowfire is a farm-based, wood-fired bakery overlooking the Lamoille River at Waiora Valley Farm. We make breads and pastries that are naturally leavened, hand-crafted, and baked in a masonry oven. We source our flours, all of which are organic, from Meunerie Milanaise in Quebec, and we procure dairy and produce from even closer: our own gardens and forest, those of our neighbors, and nearby farms.

Our ingredients sustain a local and food-based economic cycle, and create a deeply nourishing product with a distinctive aroma, crust, and depth of flavor, which we are excited to share with our community.


SlowFire through the eyes of Jen Smith (aka the Nomadic Oven)





Jen Smith’s blog

Follow this link for a beautiful snapshot of a day at our bakery, as well as stories of other great spots, near and far.

We had a great time that day and look forward to reading about all Jen’s local and distant adventures on her blog.

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